Alias Robotics supports original robot manufacturers assessing their security and improving their quality of software. By no means we encourage or promote the unauthorized tampering with running robotic systems. This can cause serious human harm and material damages.


  • A list of the ROS nodes present in the system (Publishers and Subscribers)

  • For each node, the published and subscribed topis including the topic type

  • For each node, the ROS services each of the nodes offer

  • A list of all ROS parameters present in the Parameter Server

  • A list of the active communications running in the system. A single communication includes the involved publiser/subscriber nodes and the topics


  • Determining if the system is a SROS master.

  • Detecting if demo configuration is in use.

  • A list of the nodes found in the system. (Extended mode)

  • A list of allow/deny policies for each node.

    • Publishable topics.

    • Subscriptable topics.

    • Executable services.

    • Readable parameters.

For ROS2

  • Detection of ROS2 nodes in all possible ROS2 domain IDs. Local network.

  • Listing of all available topics and their relationship to nodes.

  • Listing of all available services and their relationship to nodes.